Monday, August 16, 2010

some polaroids some 35mms

i had my camera with me one day as i was walking back from theater20 and took this snapshot. the original was actually longer than this, but i cropped it because the bottom was too dark and didn't really match what i had envisioned. i really do like north campus.

on my birthday, i went to the getty with sonia, and we saw a whole lot of people there: couples, families, friends- many of them were lying outside rather than looking at the galleries inside. when i got this developed, i wanted to throw it away because i don't know why i even took it in the first place, but i guess i kind of like it now. i don't know why though. i think it's because of that little girl in the pink in the middle of the photo.

1. at the bottom of ucla steps / 2. next to the bus stop / 3. at the getty museum / 4. at the venice beach entrance

one thing i'll miss about dorms is the many surprise post-its i would receive from friends. for some reason, i feel like the number of those will decrease like crazy once i move into an apartment. i still have all of them collected in my memory box though.

lastly, my favorite snack at the dorms. didn't even cost me a swipe. stolen banana from the dining hall + slice of bread (no toaster unfortunately) + crunchy peanut butter. the back of my spanish notes had to do for a makeshift plate.

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  1. I really enjoyed all these photos so much and it's neat that you have a memory box.